Super Bowl Selfie Kid


Super Bowl Selfie Kid

Better known on social media as ‘Selfie Kid’ – Ryan Mckenna went from a regular middle school student to a worldwide meme within a couple of minutes during the Super Bowl LII halftime show at U.S. Bank Stadium. Quickly gaining media attention and even appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He stole the fire from Justin Timberlake’s performance.


What we provided

We provided @selfiekid with the following services:

  • Exclusive Management
  • Branding
  • PR / Media Placement
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media Management


When the spotlight catches you, hours become seconds and everything starts to move extremely fast. That is when marketing comes into play. Building a firm brand foundation, posting consistent content, communicating with media/collabs quickly, keeping up with the cameras, and staying true to your brand is just the start of the wave. Good marketing is what makes or breaks your 15 minutes of fame.

Selfie Kid became a worldwide meme and built his following up to 200,000+ followers over the last few years. He has lived up to his brand name (selfie kid) taking selfies with hundreds of celebrities and influencers. Since working with Goel Strategies he has moved onto a new management where he continues to crash red carpet events with his camera.