Michael Morelli


Fitness icon & entrepreneur

In only six years, Michael has gained the social media support of over 4 million fans worldwide who have followed him as he has produced thousands of videos, wrote a best selling book, and has launched a number of best selling digital training and nutrition programs. To date, Michael has impacted millions of lives through products, programs, and content.


From the ground up

We provided Michael with the following strategy, branding and design services:

  • Creative strategy
  • PR
  • Brand guide
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Web development

Establishing greatness

Michael approached us with a simple, yet momentous task: revamp his personal brand. Typically, personal brands are handled loosely and not given much afterthought. Michael on the other hand, wasn’t interested in a cookie-cutter mediocre job. Michael wanted the best of the best to represent his personal image. Without hesitation, we accepted. With Michael’s image and reputation on the line, the following months ensued challenge, creativity and cooperation in their highest forms. After months of hard work, late nights, and countless meetings, we arrived at our destination. Michael ended up on Forbes, with a website that has been loved and featured in some of the world’s largest design groups, serving as an example of excellence in UX and simplicity. Both Michael and the Goel team proudly stands behind the finished products, and we continue to celebrate and support Michael in his intricate web of business ventures.