Grow Your Agency


Whales, agencies & millionaire students

Iman Gadzhi went from high school drop out to making $1 million at 18 years old by shaking up the agency & e-learning industry. Through Iman’s most innovative program, Grow Your Agency, students learn how to acquire a ‘hawk eye’ over every aspect of their business, so that they know how to run and manage an agency like a real 6 & 7-figure agency owner. Most importantly, they learn how to win ‘whale’ clients, who single-handedly generate over $8,000/mo in agency revenue.


Revealed by the periscope

We provided Iman with the following services:

  • Creative strategy
  • PR
  • Logo design
  • Illustrative design
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Online Visibility / SEO

A beautiful world of water

“What are you thinking for the design direction?” It was on our first strategy call when Iman told us those magical words: ‘Nothing specific. Just make it beautiful.’ After confirming illustrations would be the prominent visuals, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to create a something memorable and full of colorful awe. Fun fact: our first idea for the site’s theme was a black panther in the jungle. But shortly after we finished the color palette for the panther illustration, we had our grand “That’s it!” moment. On a loom video, Iman told us about his facebook group trainings, where he taught students how to win the largest clients of them all- ‘whale clients.’ And for fun, he bought miniature whale statues and shipped them to students who landed their first whale client. When we heard this, our eyes lit up. We added the ‘watery planet’ to the logo, created the entire underwater theme for the Grow Your Agency brand, and the rest was history. Since it’s launch, Grow Your Agency has been hailed by marketers around the world as a mark of bold creativity, not attempting to sell the user a course, but rather inviting them into a world full of wonder and vision. The GYA course itself is creating new 6 and 7-figure agency owners on a regular basis, and we are privileged to be apart of its history.